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    29/08/09 - Tanah Merah


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    29/08/09 - Tanah Merah Empty 29/08/09 - Tanah Merah

    Post  Mathew on Thu Jan 28, 2010 12:19 pm

    After a 1 week break from my last trip out, I could feel that my body muscles were finally more or less rested. As the week before I’ve been out paddling 3 times. Out from my deep sleep and still feeling groggy.. Washed up and prepared to get moving.

    As I opened my door, from the bottom corner of my eye, at that moment I thought I saw a rat running for cover under my shoe rack. Mind you I’m staying on the 9th Floor, Corner Unit. I gave it a couple of taps and shook the rack but nothing came running out and thought I might have been seeing things and decided to leave.

    Sped down the PIE and it took me to SAF Yacht Club witihn 30mins. Almost reaching to the destination, I almost died.. as the last hump on the road was not properly indicated… Slammed on my brakes.. Screeching Tyres.. and a loud Kaput.. as my suspensions hit rock bottom. Survived and car was alright.. *Thank You God*

    Just as I’ve arrived, Ian pulled up next to me and we started unloading and waiting for our HERO of the day Mervin. It’s because of him we get to launch from INSIDE the marina which makes life easier for us all.
    Before we know it, we were up and ready to go..

    Greeted by a pleasent sunrise, compared to the last 5 days that have been raining every morning, we started our ritual pumping exercise!!

    29/08/09 - Tanah Merah Tanahm10

    Systems checked and ready to go!!
    29/08/09 - Tanah Merah Lopsid10

    Mervin with his Yak.. Impressive Setup!!
    29/08/09 - Tanah Merah Merv10

    Ian with the all good to go.
    29/08/09 - Tanah Merah Ian11

    Just as we were about to go.. I noticed a slightly injured Mullet that was kinda trap towards shore.. So I pop into the water, and caught it by hand!! WEEE First fish of the day.. BWAHAHA Dunno count or not.. LOL and release it in deeper waters were, it manage to swim away quite alright.

    So off we went.. First off to the breakwaters of Tanah Merah.. I tried everything from deep divers, mid divers, JIGS… and trolling which could not even give me a bite.. Ian on the other hand had a Spanish Mack on his tamban jigs!!!!
    29/08/09 - Tanah Merah Ian_ca10

    I guess.. I paddle quite abit, trying hard to hit a fish on a troll but no luck today..
    Merv managed to land a small leng chiem on live prawn.. Which Ian has the photo for it at the moment.
    I believe Ian would write a better report then me, so leaving it up to him to post it in the forums..

    So all in all it was a great paddle, met a friendly boatman that was surprise to see us Kayak Fishing..
    Best part we never knew how we going to catch fish today.. LOL.. One on livebait.. One Spanish Mack by Tamban hooks and one Mullet using HANDS!!! LOL

    Till then.. Tight Lines and Screaming Reels!!

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