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    Successful hunt for mama toman (giant snakehead)


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    Successful hunt for mama toman (giant snakehead)

    Post  lurer on Fri Feb 05, 2010 10:01 pm

    Today I got 2 medium peacocks, many small ones and 1 nice watermelon :mrgreen:

    Both medium pbs were hiding deep so used slow sinking lure to get them. Both are weak fighters but their colours very vibrant. Then I changed lure and hit many small pb, so many till I don't bother to take pics.

    Then as I near another lurer, I spotted red panties and so we tag-team. He was using midwater while I used topwater. When my lure crossed them, they turned and looked!...Ho sei lar, got chance! After maybe 10mins stalking our red panties, my lure finally went down, heheh :mrgreen: Take was weak but no doubt a toman take. Quickly I strike multiple times on weak drag then tighten a bit.

    Fight was so-so, nothing spectacular, a bit of bottom hugging and some mad headshaking. Hookup wasn't fantastic so need be careful when landing. As I got my lipgrip ready, fellow lurer was already standing boga ready. He wasn't able to grip it as hookup was outside mouth. Tried a few times, in the end he hand litfed it with ONE hand! Shocked Impressive!

    My 11th watermelon, think 4kg plus.

    Thanks to fellow lurer for the company, landing the watermelon for me and phototaking.

    All were released.

    Add video later! Very Happy

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